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Anna helps tourists and migrants to Australia,
as well as law firms and other business customers.

Are you looking to migrate to Australia or study here? Or does your business want to get a new project off the ground, with buying, selling, and contract negotiations to deal with? Perhaps you simply need to get your papers in order for court or administrative purposes...

Anna will take the time to really understand you and your needs. She offers tailored solutions, efficient and high quality translations, with truly personalised customer care. 

Ready for Class

NAATI Certified Translations

Best for Individuals & Migration Agents

  • NAATI Certified documents

  • Express Self-Service NAATI Certified documents (selected documents only)


Legal & Business Translations

Best for Law Firms & Business Customers

  • Contracts, tenders & negotiations 

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Import/Export Permits

  • Phytosanitary Certificates

  • EIA & ESG reports

  • Other business communications

  • Documents for Court

Working on a Computer

Literary & Creative Translations

Best for Writers, Marketers & Academics

  • Journalism & Literature

  • Academic articles

  • Blog & web copy

  • Brochures, newsletters and reports

at the airport

Services in English & Project Management

Ancillary Services for Everyone

  • Proofreading & Quality Assurance

  • Project Management into and out of English

  • Localisation (US > UK/AU English

  • English Consultation (CVs, job applications)

  • DTP and typesetting

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Need a Translation Fast?


Save time with Express
Self-Service Translations

Self Service

NAATI Certified Translations

Birth  Marriage  Death  Divorce ∙Driving Licences

Extract translations from just $75*

You input the main information from your documents, such as names,  places and dates, for the translator to review and certify.  Translations are super quick and cost effective!

 NAATI Certified French & Spanish to English Translations

As a NAATI Certified Translator from French and Spanish into English, Anna is able to provide certified document translations for all official purposes in Australia, including education, employment, migration, citizenship and visa purposes as well as for international trade and documents for use in court.  e.g:

  • Birth certificate*

  • Marriage certificate*

  • Divorce certificate*

  • Death certificate* 

  • Driving Licence/ID Card/Passport

  • Academic Transcript

  • School/College/University certificate

  • Police Clearance

  • Military Discharge certificate

  • Employment references

  • Import permits

  • Export permits

  • Phytosanitary Certificates

  • Other legal documents; contracts,** powers of attorney, legal correspondence etc

  • Financial documents; payslips,* bank statements,* tax returns* etc.

Extract vs. Full Translations

* These translations can be translated either in 'Extract' format (where only the most important details are presented in an approved table), or as 'Full Translations' (a translation of every word).

Extracts are a cost-effective option and are accepted by the Department of Immigration for all migration and visa purposes, so 99% of the time, extracts are perfect for proving identity, address, income etc.


The only exceptions that we are aware of are for citizenship/passport applications, where full translations are required. Please let Anna know if this is the case before ordering.

** Only certain types of contract are suitable for extract translation, usually for people who simply need to prove an address or employment/income, such as tenancy agreements and employment contracts, which can be easily summarised.

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Expert French and Spanish to English Legal and Business Translations

Anna holds a degree in Law with French Law and French language from the University of East Anglia in the UK, and studied at the law school of L’Université François Rabelais in Tours, France.  She therefore has a very good understanding of the differences between common law systems, such as those of the UK and Australia, in comparison to codified legal systems (found across most of Europe, Africa and Latin America), as well as an understanding of European Union law and its institutions.  


She worked at two UK law firms before moving to Australia in 2012 and is therefore well aware of solicitors’ need for timely and accurate translations, as well as companies' need for a safe pair of hands. She thoroughly understands the contract negotiation process and has been a legal translator since 2006. Her translations have been used in the UK and Australian Courts. Anna fully respects the trust that her clients place in her and the confidentiality of your documents. She is happy to sign NDAs if working on proprietary information or projects.

Anna's clients include individuals, law firms, migration agents, and other companies. Her commercial clients are typically in the mining, agribusiness, renewable energy and entertainment sectors.

Anna’s principal areas of expertise for French and Spanish legal translations are:

Contracts and Agreements

  • Procurement and Supplier Agreements, Tender documentation

  • Iterations of commercial contracts in negotiation

  • Mining Agreements (mostly for projects in African and Latin American countries)

  • Screenwriting & Cast Agreements

  • Property Sales & Tenancy Agreements 

  • Employment Contracts

Legal & Compliance Documentation for Businesses

  • Company Constitutions (Articles and Memoranda of Association)

  • Import Permits, Export Permits, Phytosanitary Certificates (agribusiness sector)

  • Social and Environmental Impact Assessments (mining, pulp mills and ports)

  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting

  • Company annual reports to shareholders

Personal Legal Documentation

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Court Orders and Settlements

  • Payslips and Tax Returns

  • Translations for migration and visas 

  • Translations for use in court + Affidavit

Anna's particular areas of interest and expertise:

  • Entertainment law, (film production, licensing, royalties and distribution)

  • Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 Agenda and the environment

  • Sustainability in the extractive industries

  • Renewable energy and innovations in this sector

Contact her for a quote.

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Multilingual Services & Translation Project Management

Do you need to translate documents into Spanish or French?

Anna works with a small and trusted team of NAATI Certified freelancers to provide these language services in both directions at a great price to you.  Anna is an experienced project manager and will be the point of contact for your document translations.  Contact her for a quote.

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Literary, Marketing and Creative translations

Anna is able to demonstrate real creative flair and a sensitivity to language.  She is available for literary, creative, marketing and general translations, including academic articles, journalism and reports, from French and Spanish into English, subtitling for multimedia campaigns, and proofreading/editing commissions in English.

DTP and multilingual typesetting for a print-ready file

Using your original Adobe InDesign files, Anna is able to recreate the look and feel of your documents in translation for a print-ready finish.  Anna occasionally works together with a trusted colleague to ensure excellent DTP services; this is great for brochures, leaflets, booklets, flyers, posters, business cards, anything designed to be printed.

Services in English: Proofreading, Consultation, Localisation and Quality Assurance

Anna proofreads all her own translations to check for errors and ensure accuracy.  To maintain excellent customer service, Anna occasionally outsources some aspects of her work to trusted providers at times of high demand. This work is also double checked before sending to you, the client.  


Anna's trusted providers, from translators and proofreaders to DTP professionals  are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements and/or the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators' (AUSIT) Code of Ethics which governs their professional practice. In particular it requires them to maintain complete confidentiality with regard to your documents for translation.  Anna is also bound by this Code and is committed to upholding its high professional and ethical standards.

Optional: proofreading or technical review by a second translator - You can elect to send your translation for consultation and review by a second NAATI certified professional as an optional quality assurance procedure for a low additional fee.  

Anna can also be available for proofreading/editing and localisation projects entirely in English, as well as consultation on specific documents, for example print-ready marketing materials, CVs and cover letters, if you would like a native speaker to look over them before submission.

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