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Self-Service Translations

Need a NAATI Certified Translation Fast?

Urgent personal document translations

for use in Australia.

24 hour turnaround from $39

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Divorce Certificates

  • EU & Latin American Driving Licences

  • Police clearances

  • Education Certificates

  • Employment Certificates

  • French/Spanish National ID

3 Express Translation Options:

Most Popular

Extract Translation
Pre-completed by the customer

Translator will review and certify.

from $39 


24 hour turnaround

NAATI Certified


Order online via AcudocX 


Best for:

  • EU & Latin American Driving Licences for car hire in Australia ($39 for an extract translation) or for any other purpose, ($85 + postage costs for an urgent full translation). Our normal price for a full licence translation = $45, simply request a quote instead of using the AcudocX platform if you don't need the translation today, or if you hold a driving licence from a country outside the EU/Latin America.

  • Personal Documents such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates for the Australian Dept. of Immigration ($45)

Lowest Cost
For Super-Fast Translation!

Standard Service
Extract Translation

Translator completes all necessary fields 

Use this if you don't want to prepare the extract translation yourself.

from $65


24 hour turnaround

NAATI Certified

Order online via AcudocX 


Best for:

  • Customers who do not feel confident using the AcudocX platform

  • Personal Documents such as birth certificates for the Australian Dept. of Immigration

  • Driving Licences for car hire in Australia

Easiest Option for you

Full Translation
Urgent Service

 Translator produces a full translation

Use this if your document is not listed within the available translation templates.

from $85 per page


Typically 1-2 working days

 depending on number of pages.

NAATI Certified

Order online via AcudocX 


Best for:

  • Personal Documents for Citizenship/Passport Applications

  • Driving Licences for all uses, including car hire, purchase, and exchange of a foreign licence for an Australian one. If you intend to submit your driving licence translation to any state department of transport, excluding NSW, you will also need to order a hard copy. Please see this important note on driving licence translations.

  • Police Clearances (most authorities will want to see these translated in full)

  • Documents for use in Court

  • Urgent translation of other documents not on the available templates list.

Please note that AcudocX is a third party platform which applies a very small percentage service fee on top of these prices.

Express Translations are for Urgent Requests

If your personal document translation is not urgent, see typical pricing for our regular services and request a quote instead.

How it works...

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Full AcudocX Instructions...

1. Login to AcudocX and make your selections:
Language of your documents
Select 'NAATI Certification'
Choose Extract / Full Translation. (Not sure which one? click here to view our guide)
Select Type of Document (e.g. Birth Certificate) and upload it.
You can add several doc
uments for translation.
Select postage if required.

2. Make Payment and Submit Job
If completing a Self-Service Extract, please fill in as many fields as possible yourself before submitting.

3. Translator Reviews and Certifies
The translator may make small edits to your inputs if you completed a 'self-service' translation. If you selected 'standard extract' or 'full translation' the translator will complete the whole job for you.

4. Final Customer Review
You can use the messaging function within AcudocX to chat directly with your translator.

5. Download your translations
The system will let you know that your translations are ready.

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Extract or Full Translation?

Extract or Full Translation_edited_edite

Extract Translations


These present only the most important information, (e.g. names, dates and places) in an official template. They are accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration.


Extract translations can be used for:

  • Visas and migration 

  • Proving identity, e.g. to open a bank account or rent a place to live.

  • other applications e.g. for work or study, (always check whether you need a full translation or whether an extract will suffice). 


  • Driving Licence extracts are only suitable for hiring a car. For any other purpose, select 'full translation.'

  • For citizenship/passport applications, you must select 'full translation' instead.

  • Full translations are always advised for police clearances, especially for applications to work with children or vulnerable people.

Full Translations 

Translation of every word, reproducing the layout of the source document as much as possible.


Full translations are required for the following purposes:

  • Passports & citizenship applications

  • Driving Licences (if you are intending to exchange your licence for an Australian one).

  • Some university / job / professional skills assessment applications, (always check whether they need to see a full translation or whether an extract will do).

  • Police Clearances we always advise clients to obtain full translations of these, especially if you are applying to work with children or vulnerable people.

  • Use in Legal Proceedings- In our experience, a straightforward birth certificate may be translated in Extract, however a marriage certificate which mentions any pre-nuptial agreements or property ownership arrangements for use in divorce proceedings should be translated in full. You may also need an Affidavit if translations are for use in Court, in which case Express Translation is not an option as this entails the translator going to a Justice of the Peace. Please simply request a quote for our normal service instead. Always check with your legal advisor first.

Check the FAQs below if you are unsure whether to choose Extract or Full Translation.


Occasionally, due to fluctuating workload, Anna may be unable to accept your full translation project as an Express Translation. If this happens, she will offer to refund the fee via the platform, send you a quote for her standard service instead, or recommend another tranlsator if your job is extremely urgent.

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An international driving licence can take up to 6 months!

Our official translation can be ready for you within minutes!

Express Self-Service

Guaranteed 1 day turnaround

Recognised throughout Australia

For tourist car hire (Extract Translation)

& all other purposes (Full Translation)

A Note on Driving Licences

Driving Licence translations are a recent addition to the documents that Anna offers via the self-service platform, however, in Extract format, they are only suitable for hiring a car and are therefore best for short-term visitors to Australia.  NAATI Certified Driving Licence translations will be recognised by the authorities throughout Australia, although Anna cannot guarantee that they will be accepted by other countries on your travels.

If you require a Driving Licence translation for any other purpose, for example exchanging your licence for an Australian state licence, then you will need to obtain a full translation and request postage of a hard copy. 


Please also note that NSW has its own procedure for exchanging a foreign driving licence, and you would have to go through their state body, Multicultural New South Wales. For all other states, Anna's full driving licence translations may be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self Service translation?

Self Service translations are a quick, cost efficient way to obtain NAATI Certified translations of basic documents.  All you need is a few minutes to upload and input your own certificate details via the easy-to-use AcudocX system. These are then sent to Anna  for review and NAATI Certification. The end product is an extract translation suitable for all visa and migration purposes here in Australia.


How long will it take?

If Anna is at her desk your translation can be available for download within minutes! Anna aims to have all Self-Service translations certified within 1 working day.

What kind of documents can be translated via Self-Service?

This service is only available for Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce certificates, National IDs, Employment Certificates, Education Certificates translated from French and Spanish into English, and Police Clearances from French to English. Regarding Driving Licences, extract translations are only suitable for car hire. If you live in NSW or are intending to exchange your licence for an Australian one, please read this extra information first to decide whether an extract translation or a full translation is right for you. For all other types of translation, please simply e-mail your documents to to receive a quote in the usual way.

What is a NAATI Certified Extract Translation?

An extract is a translation which only presents the most important information, in the form of a table. This is the standard format for many different types of NAATI Certified document translations. The Self-Service platform uses the standard extract templates developed by AUSIT, the professional association for Translators and Interpreters, and these are accepted by the authorities, including the Department of Immigration, here in Australia.

What is the service fee?

Payment for these translations is made upfront via the self-service platform website, AcudocX, which is a third party website. AcudocX fees may vary but to the best of our knowledge they are currently set at 5% + $1.75 per transaction, Anna does not receive that fee.  There is an optional $11 express postage cost if you need a hard copy. 


I have a discount, can I use it?

Express Self service translations cannot be used in conjuction with any other offers or discounts.  This is because AcudocX is a third party website, so we are unable to accomodate discounts through the system. 

Why is Express Self-Service more expensive?

Because it is so much faster - this is the perfect option if you need basic ID documents translated urgently, and is a faster way of handling certificates which contain a lot of handwriting, such as birth certificates. You likely already know all the important information, such as all the correct name spellings of people and places, and you can simply type these in for Anna to review and certify.  Anna guarantees that any certificates submitted via the self-service platform will be certified within 1 working day, and if you catch her at her desk, it will often be back to you within minutes.  Full translations are typically also turned around within a day or two, (depending on the number of pages). Anna will liaise with you for a refund if she is unable to turn around your project within this time and can quote separately for a normal timeframe instead.

When is an Extract Translation unsuitable?

  • Driving Licences - if you are intending to exchange yours for an Australian licence, it must be translated in full, not in extract, please see this note for more information. 

  • Any certificates for use in a citizenship or passport application must be translated in full.  Simply e-mail them to Anna instead and let her know their intended purpose.  

  • Police Clearances, especially if you may be working with vulnerable people.

  • Documents for use in Court - always check whether an extract translation will suffice or if you need to obtain a full translation. 

  • Any other circumstances where you have been specifically requested to obtain a full translation.

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