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$45* for NAATI Extract Translations 

Birth ∙ Death ∙ Marriage ∙ Divorce
certificates from French & Spanish to English

*+ AcudocX service fee, currently 5% + $1.75 per translation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self Service translation?

Self Service translations are a quick, cost efficient way to obtain NAATI Certified translations of basic documents.  All you need is a few minutes to upload and input your own certificate details via the easy-to-use AcudocX system. These are then sent to me for checking, revision and NAATI Certification. The end product is an extract translation suitable for all visa and migration purposes here in Australia.


How long will it take?

If I am at my desk you can have your translation and available for download within minutes! I aim to have all Self-Service translations certified within a day.

What kind of documents can be translated via Self-Service?

This service is only available for Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce certificates translated from French and Spanish into English. For all other types of translation, please simply e-mail your documents to to receive a quote in the usual way.

What is a NAATI Certified Extract Translation?

An extract is a translation which only presents the most important information, in the form of a table. This is a standard format used for many types of official document translations here in Australia, by NAATI Certified Translators. The AcudocX system uses the standard extract templates developed by AUSIT, the professional association for Translators and Interpreters, and these are recognised by the authorities here in Australia.

What is the service fee?

Payment for these translations is made via AcudocX which is a third party website. AcudocX fees may vary but to the best of my knowledge they are currently set at 5% + $1.75 per transaction, I do not receive that fee.  There is an optional $10 express postage cost if you need a hard copy. 


I have a discount, can I use it?

Self service translations cannot be used in conjuction with any other offers or discounts.  This is because AcudocX is a third party website, so I am unable to accomodate discounts through the system, however the price for self-service translations is already heavily discounted to reflect the fact that you are the one inputting the main information, not me. 

Please Note: 

Marriage and Divorce certificates intended for use in court, (such as in divorce settlement proceedings), which may or may not also require an accompanying Affidavit, must be translated in full, not extract.  Also, Birth certificates for use in a passport application, must be translated in full.  Simply e-mail them to me instead and let me know their intended purpose.  Extracts are fine for all other uses.

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