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NAATI Certified translations of university medical degree certificates, transcripts and  health professional registrations from any French or Spanish speaking country. 


Documents for submission to AHPRA / ADC:

If you have studied a medical discipline and require these translations for submission to AHPRA or to the Australian Dental Council, for skills assessment or professional registration in Australia, specific presentation requirements may apply.


In particular, for submission to AHPRA, you would first need to contact AHPRA and participate in their specific process for verifying the authenticity of your qualifications.


You can then order and pay for the translations here via my website, and supply AHPRA with my email address,, for communication. An AHPRA representative will then usually reach out to me directly with the scans that they have made of your original qualifications. I will produce draft versions of the translations for you to approve and then liaise with AHPRA directly to formally submit the translations. 


Although this process may take a little longer than organising translations for other purposes, this direct contact between myself and AHPRA satisfies their requirement to verify that your qualifications are genuine, and also ensures that they know the translations have been issued directly by a NAATI Certifed Translator.


Sometimes, Apostilles may also be attached to personal documents; if so, they are translated at a reduced rate, (if any of your documents have an Apostille and you would like it to be translated, please remember to add it to the order).


Translations for Medical Professionals, AHPRA, ADC

  • NAATI certified medical qualification / registration translations are suitable for most purposes in Australia, including all visa /migration purposes and skills assessments.


    Typical turnaround is 1-4 working days, plus liaison with AHPRA (if necessary).


    With regard to academic transcripts:

    If your transcript is over 10 pages long, please contact Anna for a quote via the contact page so that she can best advise you as to cost and likely turnaround time.


    Please also note that the stated prices are for full pages (around 250 words per page). If your transcripts contain lots of half-pages or large blank spaces, please also fee free to contact Anna for a tailored quote via email.

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