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NAATI Certified translation of Marriage Certificates from any French or Spanish speaking country. 


Please note that for visa/migration purposes, the Extract Translation (where only the key details are translated into a specific layout) is the preferred format for the Department of Immigration, and is therefore suitable for most purposes in Australia.


However, for citizenship or passport applications, the authorities prefer to see a Full Translation of every word, (reproducing the source document's layout) instead. Please ensure that you select the correct option for your purposes.


If you need to use the Marriage Certificate translation in Court, (e.g. for divorce proceedings), then Anna will need to sign an affidavit about the translation in front of a JP (Justice of the Peace), and express post it to you. She will discuss this with you via email, as you may also need to provide her with the relevant affidavit from your lawyer if you are outside Queensland. Please also allow an extra couple of days for turnaround as the JPs are not necessarily available nearby every day, and please also add Express Postage to your order at checkout.


Please note that the French Livret de Famille cannot be effectively reduced into an extract format for conventional marriage/birth certificates so we offer a package for full translation of the relevant pages, (up to 5 pages, usually a double-page spread relating to the parents' marriage, and then extra pages relating to each child born).


Please note that there are two options for the French PACS agreement - the registration certificate itself, or the registration certificate plus an extract translation summarising all the key clauses of the PACS, (not a word-for-word translation). If you require a full translation of your PACS agreement, please contact Anna directly by email for a quote. 


Sometimes, Apostilles may be attached to personal documents; if so, they are translated at a reduced rate, (please select the relevant option to include the Apostille if you would like it to be translated).

Marriage Certificate

  • NAATI certified marriage certificate translations are suitable for most purposes in Australia, including all visa and migration purposes.


    Typical turnaround is 1-3 working days. 

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