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NAATI Certified extract translation of a lease agreement from any French or Spanish speaking country. 


An extract translation presents only the most important details in a particular layout, which is the preferred format for most purposes and authorities in Australia.  This can help to keep costs down while still allowing you to prove a certain address or period of residence etc.


The lease agreement will be summarised in a custom extract format, and the price therefore varies depending upon the length of the contract.  Details of important clauses and conditions will be effectively summarised, but not necessarily translated word-for-word. 


If your contract is over 10 pages long, or if you require a full translation instead, (for example, for the purposes of a property dispute or litigation), please contact Anna by email for a tailored quote instead.


Lease Agreement

  • NAATI certified lease agreement extract translations are suitable for most purposes in Australia, including all visa and migration purposes.


    Typical turnaround is 1-4 working days, depending on the length of the contract. 


    For leases over 10 pages long, please contact Anna for a quote via the contact page so that she can best advise you as to cost and likely turnaround time.


    Please note that the stated prices are for full pages (around 250 words per page). If your contract contain lots of half-pages or large blank spaces, please also fee free to contact Anna for a tailored quote via email so that she can give you her best price.

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