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NAATI Certified extract translation of a bank statement from any French or Spanish speaking country. 


An extract translation presents only the most important details in a particular layout, which is the preferred format for most purposes and authorities in Australia.  This can help to keep costs down while still allowing you to prove a certain address/income etc.


Please simply highlight the most important transactions on your statement for inclusion in the extract, if specific transactions need to be shown, (e.g. pay from an employer / proof of rent payment, etc).


If you have multiple bank statements from the same bank, please order the first one at full price, (this allows us to set up a custom template for you), and then the rest at the reduced rate for subsequent statements, as long as the layout and main information for each one is essentially the same. 


If you have several bank statements to translate, from different banks, and/or with very different layouts, please enter each one of them at the full fee.


Anna reserves the right to reject any orders where all documents have been put through at the lower rate for 'subsequent bank statements' without the primary statement from each bank being put through at the full fee.


Bank Statement

  • NAATI certified bank statement extract translations are suitable for most purposes in Australia.


    Typical turnaround is 1-3 working days.

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